OLX : Scam Alert 2019

OLX : Scam Alert 2019

Over the years we’ve got bump into many attention-grabbing and clever scams that unsuspecting victims have fallen for.

However, within the previous couple of days we’ve got discovered a brand new technique that looks to possess claimed lots of victims off late.

This rather innovative trick doesn’t involve the usage of advanced technology or devices.


On the opposite hand, it uses an easy trick of posting pretend ads on on-line classifieds or auction websites like Quikr, OLX and a lot of.

The scammers appear to draw in attention by posting high price product like luxury cars from recognized brands like Audi, BMW et al.

at improbably low costs. once they receive inquiries for these faux Quikr ads, they then proceed to demand some variety of process payment during a rather suave and swish approach that may simply fool most of the people.


In our case, we tend to received a on the face of it convincing email voice communication that the automotive in question is stuck during a warehouse and also the vender has been forthwith transferred to a different country. that the automotive is novel and has no registered owner.

so as to complete the deal we’ve got to 1st get the automotive registered in our name and this can need Rs. 70,000. Scammers ar familiar to source this job cash|of cash} assortment to native money mules and this permits them to remain out of the reach of enforcement agencies.

it’s additionally been found that when this first ‘registration’ cash has been paid, the pretend sellers and scammers stop responding to all or any emails and calls.


Why this can be nearly the right con

All these sites encourage consumers ANd sellers to act with {each other one associate other} and this disclose an uninterrupted channel of communication between a possible sharpy and an innocent victim.

Once this channel has been established, an original scam creative person will manipulate a customer into sharing his personal details, checking account info and different personal information. this will be achieved with the assistance of pretend phishing pages that look real or dishonorable emails that seem to return from official sources.


What you’ll do to avoid such scams

We powerfully advise all guests to such sites to be terribly careful once they bump into ads of nice product at rock bottom costs.

continuously keep in mind the shibboleth – “If it sounds too smart to be true, then it in all probability is.”
With that in mind, here ar some crucial safety tips to continuously confine mind whereas scouring auction websites for excellent deals at throwaway costs.

Never communicate with strangers over SMS. they may be exploitation premium-rate numbers which can result in high SMS charges for you.


If you receive AN email from a possible buyer/seller, check the e-mail address rigorously. atiny low writing system tweak here and there will fool nearly anyone.
If you’re directed to a kind or a web site or webpage wherever you have got to enter info, steer far from such pages. If not, a minimum of examine them closely.
Never use credit cards for such payments.

If you need to use a card, put aside a standalone revolving credit for such transactions and keep little or no cash therein account. That way, even though that card is compromised, your losses are going to be nominal.

If you’re shipping a product, make sure that you have got received full payment before you really ship the merchandise out.

If you’re to receive a product, strive to not provide out your home address. provide out your workplace address or the address of a well-recognized search or location from wherever you’ll obtain the merchandise.

Carefully browse the FAQs of such sites before you undertake any transactions on them.


Lastly, if somebody is marketing a product and asks you as a customer to transfer some fraction of the damage as a registration quantity, don’t fall for that.
Further reading on the varied styles of scams you ought to comprehend.

These and lots of a lot of safety measures can assist you keep protected against such potential scams. we tend to ar more work the case of dishonorable automotive ads on auction websites and can post our findings here once we’ve got a lot of info. Till then, keep tuned for a lot of updates.


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